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Dallington Pollinators Community Garden was founded in 2013 after community members, Mahnaz and Wendy, realized there was a lack of community garden spaces in our community. Through generous donations and substantial contributions from some special individuals, Dallington Pollinators Community Garden came to life, and has since been growing and thriving. We’re dedicated to building and maintaining an eco-friendly, green, and friendly community. The communal garden aims to serve the community in its entirety, including school children, youth, seniors, park users and local gardeners. 


Our passionate volunteer-led team is dedicated to continuing and expanding our mission of bringing the members of the community together through gardening. Get in touch with one of our members, they’d love to share their stories about Dallington Pollinators Community Garden with you. Continue reading below to learn about the people that are helping the garden grow. 


In the initial years, the volunteer-led group saw the immense need for something that the Leslie-Sheppard community could rally around, such as an attractive Community Garden. Since our start, we’ve been lucky to be backed with local support for all of our endeavors. We inspire to engage area residents, seniors, and youth to participate in community gardening, receive horticultural training, promote environmental stewardship, and benefit from life-long health benefits and wellness. Read on to learn more about our work.


  • Build a communal hub and engage community members in a healthy activity promoting life-long health benefits and wellness.

  • Connect with nature and protect the environment

  • Learn how to grow food and food security

  • Mentor the youth

  • Promote Environmental education using the food garden as a nature lab

  • DP garden to serve as a model garden for demonstrating an innovative approach towards urban farming and environmental issues

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