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~Planting seeds of environmental awareness in young hearts and minds ~

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As part of the local community for the last 10 years, Dallington Pollinators Community Garden is please to introduce a free science and environmental educational program for schoolchildren in its immediate vicinity in response to the gaps in education presented by the Covid-19 lockdown and crisis.

The primary objective of the program is to supplement curriculum based studies and enrich learning of students with practical hands-on experience. The garden space will serve as a lab where children can be introduced to aspects of food security, climate change and community asset building.

The project is funded by Canadian Healthy Communities Initiative (CHCI) and supported by Toronto Green Community (TGC).


Background and Getting Started

One of the core goals of Dallington Pollinators Community Garden is to encourage and teach children all about growing food, biodiversity, protecting eco-systems, building healthy habitats and foster environmental stewardship. 

We have worked closely with children at Dallington public school hosting drop-in afternoon garden sessions and school garden clubs. 

The effects of the COVID lockdown and the switch to online teaching have had a negative impact on children's mental and physical well being, especially for those children who did not have access to open outdoor spaces. The garden served as a huge natural playground for them and we noticed that a lot of 'gifts of nature' from the garden were being used by children sometimes even causing damage to the garden property itself. Children are curious by nature and love to explore, discover and learn. These observations and the use of the garden informed the Kids Nature Lab project. 

It is a pilot project and encompasses teaching goals that revolve around sustainable development and engage learners in critical exploration, understanding and action related to SEE - Science, Environmental and Economic principles.

The programming will take place at the garden site as well as in class sessions during inclement weather. It will be offered to all schools in the surrounding area and some off-site area schools as well in its first year of implementation. 


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