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Water 💧

Water scarcity is becoming an increasing reality and is affecting communities across the globe. Climate change and its impacts are leading us to realize that the time to act is now. We must do more to preserve our precious water resources. We must use water wisely and conserve it. We must recharge our acquifers. We must keep our streams, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans free from pollution.

How and where do we begin? The simple answer is, it begins at home! The change will come only when we shift our lens towards convential water use. We need to conserve water, capture it, store it, recycle it.

We, at Dallington Pollinators Community Garden, are working hard to reach out to community members to provide much needed water education. As well as providing solutions for capturing and harvesting rainwater and recharging acquifers. You can learn more by reaching out to us for 'Water-wise' updates and solutions!

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